Hi, I'm Macushla Collins.

I am a content coach who teaches
business owners, freelancers, content creators,
and technical professionals the clear processes
and workable tools for conscious content
creation and communication in business.

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A content coach that helps you understand the ‘whole content thing’? Discover your business communication gold right here. Whether it’s a website, email campaign, or a desire to feel more confident about what to say and how to say, it’s time to evolve your communication.


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Access the 7 Day Book Blueprint and popular Content Creator blog. Discover what other business owners and freelancers are learning about creating content consciously and connecting with their market in meaningful ways.

What’s the biggest content creation problem facing most business owners?

Knowing what to say and how to say it.

Most people, even experienced content professionals, write in a vacuum without really thinking about this core issue. Instead of communicating for their market, they write for themselves.

When we ‘dig for gold’, we used a proven process for creating conscious content for websites, blogs, and books that connect and enrich people and business.

Following clear steps from exploration to optimisation, you can learn the actions required to uncover that rich treasure trove of content gold buried inside you and become the confident, competent, and conscious creator you were born to be.


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