7 Day Book

7 Day Book Blueprint

A step-by-step guide to planning, organising and writing a book with purpose when you don’t know where to start

7 Day Book Blueprint is helping authors find their gold.

  • Have you wanted to write a book since forever and given up before you started?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed about the writing process and then paralysed into doing nothing?
  • Are you embarrassed about your writing ability and worried not even autocorrect could save your spelling?
  • Are you anxious about what people might think when your book is published?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, 7 Day Book Blueprint will help you confront your fears, doubts, and limitations - and finally write your book.

Written to help authors find their gold, 7 Day Book Blueprint is especially for people who don’t know how to write a book or where to start. As a guide written in layman’s language, 7 Day Book Blueprint walks aspiring authors through the unique ‘Digging for Gold’ process, empowering them to plan, organise and write the book that’s always been there – but they didn’t know how to extract and bring to the surface and share with the world to make a difference.


Take a journey with 7 Day Book Blueprint

Over seven days, readers learn to extract the elements of their book from deep within to:


Explore and discover


Design and craft


Build and execute


Operate and optimise

More than another how-to guide filled with ‘silver bullets’, 7 Day Book Blueprint is about advancing and evolving yourself through the writing process. Written with a balance of humour, sensitivity and directness, 7 Day Book Blueprint provides practical tools, tips, and actions to confront and deal with the unspoken roadblocks facing every book writing initiate. If you believe writing the book is about more than writing, or even the book itself, 7 Day Book Blueprint is for you.

7 Day Book Blueprint? What’s in it for you?

The 7 Day Book Blueprint is designed to help you get real about your book.

It is a process for confronting what’s been holding you back….and writing your book anyway. It’s also a roadmap that provides the first and necessary steps to getting your book writing show on the road.

Here’s what you get:

Day 1 – Discover + explore

On Day 1, we get clear about your book idea. We do this through a process of discovery and exploration. We strive to answer some pretty tough questions on day one, but in doing so you create a strong foundation. This also helps you to build confidence and strengthen the resolve to stick with it.

Day 2 finds us digging for gold. We clarify your value, write a synopsis for your book, and understand how you’re going to pitch to your market, in terms of language, style, values, channels and formats.

On Day 3, we extract value from your wisdom. By Day 3, we’re ready to do some of the heavy lifting around connecting with your reading audience by identifying stories, anecdotes, case studies and references.

On Day 4, we connect the dots to your content. On Day 4 we work to the concept of designing and crafting. We start to give real substance to your book blueprint by mapping out chapters, your content capital, and generally laying out what goes where.

On Day 5, we get ready to build and execute. In doing so we deal with some of the nasties, like your internal naysayer, you know, the one that creates all those limiting beliefs, perceptions and barriers to getting your book written. We also create a plan for working your book writing into life as you know it.

On Day 6, we select you’re A-Team and tools. On Day 6 we’re into operate + launch mode. We look at the A-Team needed to get your book done as well as touch on the basic tools you’ll need in your toolbox for getting your book out there.

You’re on the move and ready to write for real. Day 7 is ‘Action Stations’. Time to knuckle down and start writing. The great thing is that you’re not alone.

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What’s different about 7 Day Book Blueprint from other books about how to write a book?

There are books that tell you to write a book. They even give you actionable steps guiding you on how write your book, which is great.

But here’s the thing, none of that will work if you haven’t dealt with the internal naysayer that can derail even the most confident writer.

To write your book it is necessary to do some important work like:

  • Acknowledging the doubts, fears and limitations you have.
  • Getting laser focused and clear about why you’re writing this book now.
  • Appreciating your value and wisdom worth sharing and will make a difference in the world.


The 7 Day Book Blueprint will help you:

Galvanise inside your ‘why’ for writing your book, so that despite doubts and criticisms (yours or others), you keep going.Gain certainty around your book’s purpose (working out what’s in it for you and them) and draft your working title. With greater certainty comes the resolve to sit still in doubt, wade through the tough days, and then keep going.

Articulate your value and draft a synopsis of your book that strengthens your conviction to write your book. You will learn that “writing is the bridge between spirit and matter” and way to get your book done.

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