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Discover gold with a content creation coach. Explore and dig deep to discover the gems you know are buried, but aren’t sure how to bring to the surface. Breathe deeply now. You’ve arrived.

Let’s go! I’m ready to find gold

Level up with a content creation coach

A content creation coach is the ideal co-creator if you’re ready to accelerate your learning and content creation skills as a business owner and freelancer. Want to know what to say and how to say it in business - without all the overwhelm, confusion, and second guessing? I get it. This is the number one challenge most people face with their content. We know it’s important, we know it has to be done, but where to start? Who knows? Through my content coaching programs, you’ll learn the process that’s helped others just like finally discover their content gold. Ready? Let’s weave a little content alchemy for you.

Content Alchemy Accelerator [24ct]

24 carat 1:1 content creation coaching

A 24 carat 1:1 done-with-you content creation coaching program for busy business owners. Drowning in a slurry of content but would rather be floating in a sea of confidence? Let’s fix that working together. In this program we work solidly over a month to nail all the things around what to say and how to say it, a la your business. If you’re ready to finally find gold, I’m ready to dig deep with you.

Content Alchemy Accelerator [18ct]

18 carat 1:1 content creation coaching

Okay, so maybe you’re a conscious content creator, but still struggling to know what to say and how to say it. You might even have clients, but find your process is….well, there is no process. *Sigh* Welcome to 18 karat gold-lined content creation coaching for freelance content creators. In this program, we spend one-on-one time together – and you spend time learning the process of how to dig for content gold. After coaching that gives you practical tools and nuggets to take away and grow your own business and your clients’ businesses. This is it. Ready to dive in? Let’s go.

Content Alchemy Accelerator [14ct]

14 carat DIY content coaching online course

Like the sparkle of gold? Me too. So why not take advantage of everything I’ve learned about creating content consciously and invest in this 14 carat DIY Content Alchemy Accelerator online course? If you’re a happy learner and want to muscle down and grow strong in your content creation skills, this is your yellow brick road. Complete with a self-paced program of videos, workbook, templates, and practical guidance, and with take-away nuggets you can actually use, the do-it-yourself option is a golden ticket to conscious content creation.

What’s in the Content Alchemy Accelerator 1:1 content creation coaching

Delivered 1:1 at two levels (24 carat and 18 carat), the Content Alchemy Accelerator 1:1 content creation coaching programs are delivered to help you become a confident, competent, and conscious content creator. Here’s what you get.

Content Alchemy Accelerator [24ct]

In the 24ct Content Alchemy Accelerator program we get to spend quality time together. The package includes:

  • 1 x 3.0 hour working session – Work through my process for establishing your content foundations. Documented together in your own Business Content + Communication Guide 
  • 1 x follow up session – Review the draft guide prepared by you and sent in advance of review session
  • 1 x review by Macushla of one agreed piece of content (word limit of 2,000)
  • 1 x 1 hour session to review marked up content piece
  • 30 day email support 
  • Access to Business Content + Communication Guide product suite, including content guide template and customisation guide.

In the 18ct Content Alchemy Accelerator program we get to spend quality time together as you develop the skills to become a conscious content creator. This 1:1 package includes:

  • 1 x 3.0 hour session – We work together through the Business Content + Communication Guide, providing you with what you need to establish a solid content foundation for your business
  • Review of draft guide with mark ups and feedback provided by email
  • 30 day email support from Macushla
  • Access to Business Content + Communication Guide product suite, including content guide template and customisation guide.

In the Content Alchemy Accelerator [14ct], you learn the foundations of conscious content creation via a self-paced online course. Take your time and work through it at light speed. It’s your choice. In the course you get:

  • Access to the suite of Content Alchemy Accelerator videos and digital collateral, including the videos, templates, and customisation guide.

How will the Content Alchemy Accelerator coaching help you with content creation?

If you’ve ever struggled with what to say and how to say it, getting the support you need to become a competent and conscious content creator just makes sense. If content is king and we know that it’s a valuable asset for our business, why don’t we treat it like the jewel in our marketing crown that it is. Here’s what I know. Consciously created content is an investment that grows in value over time. However, to achieve that, we must dig metaphorical ditches to find the threads of gold beneath the surface.

A content creation coach is right for you if:

  • You’re ready to feel confident about your business content, but need support
  • You have meaningful messages to share with your audience, but have difficulty articulating these
  • You’re tired of feeling confused and overwhelmed about content for your business, but can’t see a way forward.

Ready to discover your content gold? Let’s go.

Macushla Collins Content Creation Coach

Content creation coach, Macushla Collins, is located in Brisbane, on the east coast of Australia. From her desk in the back streets of Brisbane, Macushla connects with business owners and freelancers around the world, educating them about how to become confident, conscious, and competent creators of their own business content. Her Content Alchemy Accelerator coaching and online course are helping business owners take ownership of creating their valuable content assets to earn the return on investment they deserve.
You can learn more about Macushla here.

Macushla Collins is a content coach providing written content
and one-to-one coaching for business owners, content creators and
technical professionals who have a purpose and want to connect and
communicate more consciously with their market.