What I Do

The Commz Genius Process is
all about getting clear.

Opening the doorway to critical and creative thinking, the Commz Genius Process makes all the difference in the journey to connect with your audience.

The Commz Genius Process is ideal if you:

  • Are a technical professional who struggles to talk in layman’s language
  • Want to start a business but need help thinking through the idea
  • Want to update your business website, but don’t know where to start
  • Have ideas for a book, but can’t work out the next steps
  • Want to package up your IP as a course, but not sure of how to go about it.

What I've discovered is most people have the ideas, but don't have the systems or process to bring it
all together.

The Commz Content Genius Process solves that problem. It gives you a clear process to create great
content that connects with your audience and converts to business.


Explore and discover


Design and craft


Build and execute


Operate and optimise

Explore and discover
The first step of the process involves completing the Content Concept Strategy Q&A. 
Like digging for gold, this stage of the process invariably uncovers gems you never knew existed. 
Most businesses have never done this creative and critical thinking. Most people have ever gone this deep. 
When they do, their content creation and communication become laser focused. They have insights to communication and connection with their market they didn’t have before. This kind of clarify gives people confidence they’re on the right track.
After the initial digging, we take the nuggets and map your way forward.  
After exploration and discovery, we design and craft. Planning your communication and content is the heart of this work. 
Findings from our first step are captured in a Commz Content Guide for your business. It contains details about your market and customers, key messages, your business ‘language’ and voice, and suggestions for how this would be communicated.
We map your market, how they like to receive information and get to the heart of what’s important to them, in ways that resonate with your values and theirs. A lot like communication gold, this step in content creation is a foundational business communication tool.
Whether you’re building a new website, writing a book or developing your business blog, with solid planning under your belt, it’s time to build and implement. 
During this step you learn the 7 Principles of Content, which are The Guide to writing content that makes sense, means something, and connects with your audience.
This means we:
  • Write your website copy
  • Pen your blogs
  • Draft your book
  • Develop your business idea
Challenging and fun, we mould your gold into content and concepts that connect. And we weave stories that inspire and compel your audience to stick.
Once your website’s done, your book’s written or you’ve kickstarted your blog, your material will continue evolving to reflect your market’s needs and your own continued growth.  
Working together, we operate and optimise – keeping your content current, relevant, impactful.  
In doing so, we help you to develop these content creation skills yourself so that you can ‘rinse and repeat’ with the next business marketing opportunity, book, or big project.

Where is the Commz Genius Process used?

The Commz Genius Process helps business owners and content creators extract their business gold and share their wisdom. In a world drowning in information, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to be seen and heard. We’re inundated with content, but what the world really needs is wisdom.

Add the challenge of running a business that consumes most of your time, it’s difficult to understand where content creation fits and why it counts. Especially when so much content ‘out there’ lacks substance and integrity.

However, there is light at the end of the content tunnel. When you develop content in a conscious way, you position yourself to share the much needed wisdom the world is seeking. You also create the perfect vehicle by which you can connect with your market in enduring and meaningful relationships.

Content Development

Have a business idea or want to transition from your corporate cubicle, but unsure how to approach it? We can work together to consolidate your ideas into a clear process to help you take meaningful steps forward.

Content Creation

Become laser-focused and crystal clear about what to say and how to say it. Whether it’s for your business or personal brand website or other marketing communication collateral, articulate your messages with confidence and connect consciously with your market. Or if you’re a content creator, learn the tools for integrating repeatable processes that work into your own business and help your clients communicate more coherently.

Book Writing

Have an idea for a book stuck inside your head but no idea of how to get it out? Follow the process used by other authors and presented in the 7 Day Book Blueprint. Get past the overwhelm and paralysis and finally write that book with purpose you know will make a difference in the world.

Producing conscious content is like discovering gold

Writing content that lacks heart, soul and sense is very much like unrealised potential from a golden opportunity gone begging.

But there is a way out of the content conundrum.

Based on the premise there must be order before movement, the way out requires a clear process and a little work. You must take time to do creative and critical thinking. Only then can you hope to communicate intelligently, meaningfully, and consciously.

When you do that, good things happen.

You find the story behind the story.
Your business communication is articulate and clear.
People get you. They connect with you. Things gain momentum.

But even more than all that, you change. You gain greater certainty about what you’re doing. Your posture changes. Confidence grows. You’re enriched and so are your customers and business.

Can good content do all that? Yes it can!

Why aren't we approaching content creation with integrity?

We think it’s because people:

Write the content in an ad hoc way, rather than as a content package
Don’t slow down enough to get clear about their messages and market
Don’t appreciate the value of story for creating resonance with customers
Write in a vacuum so their content is disconnected
Don’t know how important quality content is communication and connection.

Any content written this way – blogs, books, websites and marketing – will always fall short of the mark.

There is a way to connect with your market, while keeping your integrity intact and growing your business. In fact, for people who have a purpose, it’s the only way to communicate. If that’s you, your approach to content creation probably resides at the conscious end of the communication spectrum, that is, you’re after content that is connected, resonant, intelligent, true, and yes, even Google friendly.

Ready to communicate more consciously?

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Macushla Collins is a content coach providing written content
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