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Something tells me you’re done with feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated about content creation for your business. Yup, you’re over it, like yesterday, and right now, you’re ready to do what’s necessary to dig for content gold. Why? Because deep inside, you know that content created with intention and purpose is the way to creating your very best - and most meaningful content.

Take this checklist, especially written for purposeful business owners with a message to share, and muscle down on exactly what needs to happen next in content creation for your business. If you do this right, you’ll have actionable steps to guide your content creation journey to one of your most valuable business assets.

Here’s what you’ll find in this checklist

Guidance on conscious content creation

And how to bring this approach to developing content as an essential asset for your business. Think of it as being in exploration mode, as you embark on a journey to dig for gold.

Prompts that cause you to think

At a time when critical and creative thinking is frequently overlooked in favour of content silver bullets, this checklist is designed to make you ponder a little deeper, friend. My promise? You’ll love how this changes the way you feel about your business content.

An action list you can use. Really.

I’m guessing you’re an action-taker and you’re up to here (pointing waaay over my head) with freebies that have nothing you can actually use. In this checklist, you get to do what’s necessary to nail down your content priorities. Finally.

And just who is Macushla?

Hi, I’m Macushla.

A content creator and business owner just like you, Macushla teaches the clear processes and workable tools for conscious content creation and communication in business.

Since starting out on my very own freelancer adventure as a content creator and copywriter, I’ve been scouring high and low - just a real life prospector searching for gold - for the ways small business owners and freelancers can create purposeful content that becomes a working asset for their business.

Now down the road from working with 100+ clients and 100,000’s of words, I’ve worked out what it takes for overwhelmed business owners to finally create the content they feel excited and proud to share - and now you can start walking the road to gold too.

And just an FYI. I am not into OTT hyped up sales pitches. I’m all about No compromises, because that’s how we create our best content.

If you work through the checklist like you’re really on the hunt for gold, I know you’ll find more than glimmers. You’ll be on the way to a bonanza.

Macushla Collins is a content coach providing written content
and one-to-one coaching for business owners, content creators and
technical professionals who have a purpose and want to connect and
communicate more consciously with their market.