Crafting purposeful content. Reminders for business owners with a mission

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There is no doubt the world is drowning in content.

Every platform and communication channel oozes with an unctuous flow of verbiage, video, and viral.

Business people who care about their customers may wonder how to communicate and create content with integrity and sincerity.

In fact, they may even feel challenged about the ‘shift towards the shallow’ that Cal Newport refers to in Deep Work. Worse still, they may adjust to ‘fit in’, and add to the melee with their own empty content.

In a world where butterflying across the top is preferable to communicating more deeply, knowing what to say – and how to say it – is proving a real dilemma for any business owner inspired by a sense of purpose.

If you’re feeling the content squeeze choking your capacity to communicate with purpose, here are some useful reminders for choosing purposeful over pitiful.

There is value in purposeful content

This weekend I joined thousands of others drawn to local markets. Timed in advance of Christmas festivities, these markets showcased artisans from around Brisbane and the wider region.

The focus for the markets was on handmade items.

Speaking with different vendors, it was clear that interest in items crafted by hand is growing. More people are becoming conscious of their impact of purchasing decisions. They’re also keen to support local businesses. And like me, they want a little piece of art or something beautiful to take home and treasure.

Another fact became evident in chatting with stallholders. Each had carefully and thoughtfully crafted their wares. They could also share the intricate details that only they, as the creators, would know. I came home with gorgeous handmade earrings (@elka.creative), a delicate ceramic collectible dish (@servantceramics), beeswax wraps (@queeniesbeeswaxwraps), and an imaginative illustrative print (@buttonsink). Each piece a functional treasure that reflected the maker’s purpose, enthusiasm, and care.

Cal Newport reminds us in Deep Work that “cultivating craftsmanship is necessarily a deep task”.

It’s the same with our own purposeful content. Like a beautiful ceramic dish, an artful pair of earrings, or imaginative print, it takes time, thought, and  consideration to be envisaged, designed, created and sold.

Rarely, if ever, will purposeful content be the result of a hurried, indifferent effort.

Purposeful content stays with people too, because they recognise its value, just as we do with a treasure acquired from the local night market.

The beauty of purposeful content – whether it’s shared via a book with purpose, on a website, in a social media post, or free download – is that it creates a wonderful foundation on which to build your communication gold.

Share your most meaningful messages through purposeful content

If you’ve taken any time at all to articulate the purpose behind what you do, it’s there is a message or two behind your content.

I call these your most meaningful messages – the words we’d recognise as deeply reflecting what you want to say.

I have found these messages are often the things business owners say to customers, patients or clients unconsciously and without thinking. Because these are things we naturally say all the time, we don’t often recognise their value.

In fact, it’s these most meaningful messages we should write down and share with our audience.

If you’re a dentist, it could be your philosophy on why teeth are for life. For an accountant, it might be the importance of creating intergenerational wealth. For a designer, it could be about the enriching value of thoughtful design.

Regardless of your business or expertise, if you choose to communicate through purposeful content, a clear articulation of your most meaningful messages or philosophy is fundamental. With an understanding of what these messages are, every communication is consistently threaded with your business’ most meaningful messages, whether it’s a letter, proposal, website, social media post, blog, video or phone call.

We feel better with purposeful content

Business owners with an inspired purpose are people who know they are here to make a difference.

Whether that difference is grand, global, or simple isn’t the point. No, the point is there is a need from within calling them to do important work.

So why dilute the importance of the mission with content that lacks integrity?

Content at any cost misses the point of business communication.

If we assume that connecting to build enriching and enduring relationships is at the heart of our communication, then purposeful content is the pathway there.

Taking time and care to prepare purposeful content is vastly more fulfilling than empty words created in a vacuum. It allows us to draw on the meaning to our work which is resident within.

Purposeful content brings meaning to our work and allows us to share that meaning with our audience.

Macushla Collins is a conscious content creator and author of 7 Day Book Blueprint. If you’re a business owner with a mission with a desire to create purposeful content, access the free download The Essential Checklist for Creating a Body of Conscious Content.