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Does content writing slow you down?

Content writing can be the one thing that brings your important marketing efforts and your grand content plans to a grinding halt, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

When you understand everyone - including you - sits somewhere on the content creation spectrum between loving and hating it - and that there’s a clear process for creating content, things change. By working together with a skilled, experienced, and conscious content writer and copywriter for business, the way forward is paved to your very best business content: Your content gold.

But just like the real thing, your content gold isn’t found on the surface. It takes more than a superficial flutter across the top of your content ideas to create purposeful content that is a valuable business asset and works for you, just like any other business asset.

If you truly care about your clients and customers, and place a value on your content, maybe now is the time to invest in done-for-you content writing and copywriting that:

  • Drives engagement with your ideal audience
  • Increases website traffic and keeps it there
  • Generates and nurture leads based on a meaningful relationship
  • Improves your marketing ROI that makes your content marketing worthwhile
  • Cultivates customer retention and loyalty (hello repeat business!)
  • Contributes to sales and business growth.

The bottom line is wishing and hoping for your best business content isn’t enough. It takes a willingness and conscious work to establish your business content foundations. In turn, this allows you to build a body of conscious content for business that is valuable, evergreen, and actually works for you, just like any other valuable business asset.

Content writing

There is content writing - and conscious content writing.

If you’ve been tossed around in the world of online marketing and content creation, you’ve probably discovered the quality of content is highly variable. It can be so hard to know what’s right for you and your business.

Here’s a tip.

A good content writer will write what you tell them to. A great content writer (one Brisbane copywriter for business, in fact) will take the time to dig for your content gold, extracting from you exactly what to say and how to say in ways that make sense to your audience, without losing the technical integrity of your message. That’s called conscious communication - and it’s where the future of content is.

Rather than look at content writing for business in isolation to everything else you do, a great content writer will lead you on a journey to become a more confident, competent, and conscious communicator in business.

A clear process is important for content writing

Because content can become so all-consuming, having a clear process to navigate the journey is essential. That’s where the Digging for Gold process helps to grow your understanding and skills.


Explore and discover


Design and craft


Build and execute


Operate and optimise

The Digging for Gold process helps business owners, freelancers, and content creators extract their business gold and share their wisdom. In a world drowning in information, it’s difficult – if not impossible – to be seen and heard. We’re overwhelmed with information, but what the world really needs is wisdom.

How to work with a content writer or copywriter

Freelance content creators like a content writer or copywriter can work with you to create content in many forms:

  • Long form content
  • Email campaigns
  • Video scripts
  • Social media posts
  • E-books
  • Books.

In fact, they can help you with creating content anywhere that the written word is required.

Content is a big part of business, so it pays to do it right. If you’re ready to evolve your communication, you can do that here.

Macushla Collins is a Brisbane content writer for business

Meet Macushla. She’s a Brisbane content writer and an enthusiastic supporter of small business owners who understand the value of content for their business and are ready to invest in it just like any other business asset that generates revenue for them. A big believer in the power of communication, she is happy to jump on a call to see if there’s a way she can support you.

Macushla Collins is a content coach providing written content
and one-to-one coaching for business owners, content creators and
technical professionals who have a purpose and want to connect and
communicate more consciously with their market.