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What do food, mining, and engineering have to do with conscious content creation?

Let me answer that question with my story.

Willing to have a go at business from a young age, I kicked off my first venture when I was twelve and launched a paper run with my commercially savvy younger brother.

After that initial foray into sharing stories, my career has been a zig zag between my own businesses (a number of them in food) and corporate roles (close to a decade in consulting, and working with engineers in mining). While these diverse pathways may seem unrelated, the consistent thread between them has been a desire to bring order to where it’s needed by developing clear processes leading to communication that supports business development.

In between my own business adventures, I completed a bachelor degree in languages and a masters degree in technology management, which taught me what it takes to work with technical people who want to create business from ideas, science and technology.


I never trained as a copywriter; I just love to look into people’s businesses and take what they know and help them present it back to the market in ways that make sense and connects.

It just so happens there’s a bit of writing involved in that process. Fortunately, I had ample opportunity to do just that working in global engineering companies.

Engaged in corporate cubicle warfare at the frontline of customer and client contact, some light bulbs went on. I figured out what it takes to get a message right, create content, and communicate it in language and values customers understand and compels them to do business with you. And I learned to do it in a structured, methodical way: a process.

Galvanized by my corporate experience of crafting pitches, proposals, and presentations, I realized, regardless of whether you’re a buyer or seller, everyone has a story to tell. I also worked out that unless you embrace your inner Commz Genius, there was always a ‘disconnect’ between you and the market, which meant opportunities went begging.

The result?

An inspired purpose to help business owners, content creators, authors, and technical professionals create content that empowers them to communicate more consciously.


I work at the intersection of business development and communication, helping content creators, business owners, authors, and technical professionals to unlock their communication genius and create content that allows them to communicate more consciously in business.

Taking a strong business development focus and using communication as the vehicle, I work with people to dig up the gold that’s buried (often deeply!). This allows them to confidently share their unique business story to clients and customers in ways that are relevant and create more sustainable, profitable, meaningful business.

Here’s my personal philosophy on content creation

I have a personal philosophy that our planet and the people on it are in need of deeper, more meaningful communication. Afterall, it’s one of the things that make being human worthwhile.

Few places is this more apparent than in the business arena. Dominated by hype, manipulative marketing and many cases, empty words (and now video), I believe we truly need more meaningful connection and communication if we want to enrich our businesses and ourselves.

It’s why I focus on helping people think differently about the way they create content in their business.

Welcome to conscious content creation and communication

There are no shortcuts to the kind of communication that arises from conscious content creation.

To be more connected with our ideal customers, we need to dig deeper to discover gold. We need to get beyond the superficial to the essence of what’s really underneath.

This is a tough gig for technical people who want to stick with what they know. It’s also a challenge for most business owners who’ve never thought about their communication this way. Generally, they don’t do feelings and stories and deeper meaning, but without these, there’s less connection with their audience.

My view? Good communication tells a story. Great communication cares enough to tell stories that connect and wisdom that means something.

Through the Commz Genius Process, this process is made easier – but not easy – for people to communicate in the most compelling and meaningful way, to open markets, shift hearts, and enrich business.

Starting every project with a real conversation, I’ve helped business people understand how integrated, intelligent communication reached via conscious content creation enriches them and their business.

And feel I can help you too.

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Macushla Collins is a content coach providing written content
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