Are You a Conscious Creator? The Essential Guide for Purposeful People Here to Make a Difference

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Are you a conscious creator? Probably not.

No judgement, just a statement of fact.

With the vast majority of business owners stuck on a content conveyor belt travelling at light speed, it’s very difficult to approach content creation with peace, joy, and happiness. On the contrary, the frenetic pace of all things marketing is enough to make even the most aware among us feel the need to retreat into a mountain top hideaway.

The fact of the matter is, modern marketing doesn’t always lend itself to a process of conscious content creation. Rather, it moves ahead like the juggernaut it is, dragging us all along behind it. The problem with this approach is that it is unsustainable, and quite frankly, unconscious, and the content we create therein is too. As business owners, we can feel out of control and overwhelmed. That’s because we are. Subject to algorithmic changes dictated by Silicon Valley, we’re very much at the hands of Big Tech. Yet it’s in this conundrum where our consciousness provides the opportunity to evolve ourselves and our content for the greater good.

Interested? I hope you are, because in this article, we cover:

  1. What is a conscious creator?
  2. Why would you want to be a conscious creator anyway?
  3. How can you approach the content for your purpose as a conscious creator?

Throughout this post, you’ll find questions to prompt your thinking. I’ve also dropped the questions into this Google Docs document so you can use it as a mini worksheet. Importantly, it incorporates the pointers outlined here, which means you’ll be taking first steps towards content developed a la conscious creator. You will also find a link below to the worksheet, as well this graphic you can save as a reminder of what to do – and what not to do. ⤵️⤵️

This will help: >>> Access the conscious creator questions here <<<

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What is a conscious creator?

We live at a time when depth of almost any kind is eschewed in favour of a quick skip across the top. I call this butterflying. I have absolutely nothing against butterflies – love them, in fact – however fluttering around means you never land anywhere, and if you never land anywhere, it’s not possible to dig deep. Other factors prevent deeper work:

  • The pace of life generally. It seems we must always be busy, however busy does not equal productive or high quality
  • Packed schedules leave little time for contemplation and thinking
  • Always doing means space for creativity and capturing ideas is ‘squeezed in’ somewhere, if at all.
  • An absence of clear foundations on which to build content
  • Quick content is prioritised over content which reflects our deepest thoughts, values, and messages
  • A lack of discipline leads to a lack of consistency.

Another challenge is that most business owners don’t see themselves as content creators, let alone as a conscious creator. I mean, with so much already on their plate, can you blame them? But as I wrote recently, if you have a purpose and you’re in business, there’s a very good case for approaching your content creation and marketing like you care about it. Although I probably sound like Captain Obvious, here’s what I’ve observed: most people who have a purpose and are in business don’t approach content creation for their business this way, even though there’s enormous value in doing just that.

So, to the question what is a conscious creator? I define it as a business owner with a purpose who takes a more thoughtful, considered approach to their content creation in the interests of sharing what’s most important both to them. They do this in a way that makes sense to their audience without losing the technical integrity of their message, and they are prepared to invest in their content just like it’s any other asset that helps them achieve their business goals.

Before we look at how to be a conscious creator – I realise you’re keen to find out – but just hang with me on this one for a bit. Let’s delve into why you’d be a conscious creator.

Why be a conscious creator?

Okay, so there’s absolutely no pressure here if you can’t see any good reason for being a conscious creator. Why? Because it just isn’t for everyone. Some (most) people just want their content done yesterday. They are looking for the quick-fix-silver-bullet-solution that will free them up to do anything else but content They are a hundred percent A-okay with content that sounds like somebody else’s. But for those among you who aren’t so easily impressed, here are some very good reasons to consider being a business owner who also just also happens to be a conscious creator:

  1. You have a purpose and you’re not afraid to show it – On social media, there are *a lot* of people who say they have a purpose. Like, a lot. If that’s the case, it makes me wonder why so few acknowledge that having a purpose is just the beginning; the proverbial tip of the iceberg. You need more than a purpose if you hope to share your message, so if you’re inspired by your purpose, then it’s wise to take due care the content creation that will bring your purpose to life.
  2. You want to make a positive difference through your purpose – A purpose and wanting to make a positive difference go hand in hand, so if that’s you, it’s logical that you ought to approach your content like the conscious creator you are.
  3. You recognise content creation is business – Many business owners take the view that content creation sits a bit off to the side in their business, but here’s the thing: content is not going away. In fact, building a content strategy that fully aligns to your business goals makes total sense, but few people approach it this way. If you have a nagging sense your business content is valuable and important, then, yes ma’am, it could be time to think ‘I’m a conscious creator’.
  4. You’re done with the content conveyor belt – Maybe you don’t even know you’re on the content conveyor belt, but if you’ve ever had the sense your behaviour bears an uncanny resemblance to a frustrated, mouse spinning out of control on hamster wheel, you know what I’m talking about. If you think there must be a better way, you’re right. There is.

I’ve discovered very few business owners start out with the idea they’ll make content like a conscious creator. There’s just too much going on with their business set up and they falsely assume it will be all too hard. In fact, the opposite is true, if you follow the tips below for creating your content consciously.

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#1 Slow right down to be a conscious creator

While every ancient wisdom tradition tells us there is great value in slowing down, it’s also widely acknowledged today that the pace of contemporary life doesn’t lend itself to this. In fact, slowing down is counter-intuitive to just about every piece of content marketing advice. Keeping pace with changes demanded by every social media platform update and each shiny new marketing bullet does not easily lend itself to slowing down, because if you did, well you might just miss that one thing that will make all the difference.

There is a list a mile long with this approach, which means I won’t cover them all, but here are just a few things to consider:

  1. It doesn’t allow time for reflection
  2. There is always something more to do
  3. It breeds a constant sense of dissatisfaction and unease
  4. It does not allow for you to ever see the forest because, quite frankly, there are just too many trees.

I know I am not alone in experiencing times of overwhelm from invisible pressure around a limitless list of to-do’s which always pales against the list of ‘dones’. As long as we approach content creation (or anything this way), we will feel we’re running someone else’s race; that we’re swinging on the coattails of someone or something else instead of being centred and clear about what is right for us at any given time. On the other hand, slowing down affords us the opportunity to gain peace of mind that is not possible when we are frantic and rushed. From this position, we can make wise decisions about what is right for us, and to create consciously. Undoubtedly, content created from this position is connected and connects.

Wondering how to slow down when everything about you urges you to do otherwise? Here’s a tip. You can wait until you’re completely overwhelmed, frustrated, dissatisfied, and out of options (think of it as having hit a content brick wall), or you can make a decision to slow down before you reach that point. And if you’re not there yet, perhaps the content conveyor belt isn’t quite painful enough. Slowing down is more a decision than anything else and making it in good time can prevent unnecessary loss.

I find that when we slow down, there is a chance to ask and answer better quality questions like:

  • What is really causing me to feel frustrated and overwhelmed?
  • What is really trying to get my attention?
  • What am I resisting so much that I feel unwilling to slow down enough to look at it?
  • What measure am I using that says I should be further advanced than I am right now?

As a recovering workaholic, I know my answers to these questions are always about not being/doing enough. Enough according to whom or what? I don’t know, just some content god that sits on high. But if I’m clear and certain in my purpose and keep stepping in that direction, I can be confident that things will unfold exactly as they’re intended. So be assured slowing down to be a conscious creator will always work.

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#2 Take time to think deeply

Amongst other things, slowing down is a precursor to thinking more deeply about how we create content for our business, yet many of us resist deep thinking. It’s just easier to follow what others do, right? Wrong. It may be easier in the short term, but it’s not satisfying. When we slow down, we have time to think, to marshal our thoughts, and bring about order before moving forward. It is from this position we can create our very best work. You only need look at those who have been brave enough to value slowing down and thinking. In previous posts I’ve mentioned great thinkers like Abraham Lincoln who made time for thinking like this each day, but in the current always ‘on’ environment, unless we make a conscious decision, this valuable thinking time will elude us, sadly to the detriment of our purpose. Thinking has been shown to stretch our minds, allow us to become lost in an activity, while also becoming more connected because we’re in a state of flow. Rather than feeling agitated and rushed, we can create more meaningful outputs that better serve us and those with whom we share it.

If you’re keen to learn more about thinking and working more deeply, read Cal Newport’s Deep Work, which explains these concepts beautifully, then make a commitment to approach the development of your purpose and content this way. Consider too whether you are willing to make this kind of commitment.

Start your deep thinking journey here when you access the free worksheet in Google Docs and watch this 2 minute explainer video below ⤵️⤵️

#3 A conscious creator writes down their ideas

You might wonder, who writes stuff down any more? As a self-proclaimed notebook junkie, I can tell you that I do and there’s a reason for that. In the words of Bob Proctor, ‘Writing causes thinking’. The challenge for those who resist writing their ideas down is it requires a corresponding slow down and time to think deeply. Again, this is something that’s an anathema to most of us.

Setting aside time to capture our thoughts is yet another way we can become more conscious in content creation. Whether you choose analogue tools like pen and paper, or opt for a digital tool like, is not the point. What is more important is that you do it. My own process is not rigid. I use an online platform as a ‘catch-all’, but usually, I capture my ideas in a notebook or on a post-it first. Tools like can be set up to send reminders that ask, What did you learn? but a simple calendar reminder could work just as well. Without conscious awareness of the value of this process, and a conscious decision to follow through on it, you will never yield the benefits to be gained from harnessing the latent creativity – or purpose – destined to come through you.

So a question for you: How can you integrate a simple ideas capture process into your life without turning yourself inside out, while recognising that doing so will require a shift in your thinking and potentially some resistance? What difference would it make to the kind of content you created if you could draw from an already documented treasure trove of ideas? Answering these questions with more deeply considered answers could be all you need to move into the realm of content creator.

#4 Document your content foundations

So what does ‘document content foundations’ even mean, because it sounds kinda boring doesn’t it? Let me explain. I have found that oh-so-few business owners approach their content with a clear understanding of what they will say and how they’ll say it. Most ‘wing it’ until they hit that brick wall I mentioned earlier and decide it’s time to get clear. If you’re a person with a purpose and want to make a difference, taking this approach just doesn’t add up. I get that you want to create content and have it done yesterday, but what if that doesn’t work? I mean how do you hope to breath life into your purpose if you’re always trying to work out what to say and the most meaningful way to say it? I can tell you how it feels to create content like this: frustrating, confusing, overwhelming. You could even end up doing nothing. Paralysis will do that to you. In which case, you might be so surrendered that you ask Is there a better way? Imagine your delight when you find there is. I can already see you smiling.

This is exactly why I created the Business Content + Communication Guide. You can read more about it here, but in short it’s a completely doable process that will have you thinking and writing like the content creator you are. Ask yourself ‘Would I really love to have all the content things I need to know in one document or would I prefer to keep floundering on in frustration?’ Look, I don’t know you that well, but my guess is you’re pretty keen to dig for the content gold you know is inside you.

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>>> This is worth looking at too. You’ll find the exact tools I use with clients so you can create your own business content guide. Access them here <<<

#5 Create evergreen content [because that’s what conscious creators do]

If this seems like more work, you’re right it is. However, the hidden bonus of evergreen content is that it presents your most important thoughts regarding your purpose in a way that endures, subject to minor tweaking over time. And because you’ve approached it in keeping with conscious content creation principles, it will be the deeply considered, thoughtfully constructed content that best represents your purpose to the world.

You will find other bonuses in evergreen content too:

  • Opportunities to repurpose in a myriad of ways
  • A chance to establish authority
  • Fluency in the language of your purpose, which in turn breeds certainty.

The last of these, certainty, has an invisible power – a resonance or vibration – that others pick up on and helps to give even more life to your purpose.

Questions to consider: Are there a couple of pieces of evergreen content which are essential for your business that you haven’t yet created? What are they? Write them down. Are there other pieces of content on your content wish list you haven’t yet written? If there are, add them to the list.

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#6 Be consistent

Now I get it, this is a tough one, but conscious creators need mental muscle and consistency helps grow it.

As a conscious creator consistency, is needed to keep evolving, learning, and to gain momentum through the content creation process.

But how hard is it to be consistent when things aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like, when you feel overwhelmed, or when things don’t seem to be working? I can answer that. It’s not easy. Indeed, there are times when we experience so much fear and doubt, we even think about giving up on our purpose. Yes, we do. However, consistency implies habit, and having a purpose implies that regardless of whether we metaphorically win or lose, we go on regardless. You see, consistency breeds commitment, and at some point, you cross an invisible line into territory where there is no return. Regardless of what’s going on ‘out there’, the commitment to your purpose and content creation becomes solid, certain, and unwavering.

Consider: Is there one area in content creation where you could be more consistent, even marginally so? What stops you being consistent now? If you could be more consistent, what difference would it make to how you feel about content creation?

To wrap up:

Because it seems like you care about being a conscious creator (I mean you made to the end of this blog, right?), I want to share other conscious creation resources with you. You already have the link to the freebie I’ve set up for you in Google Docs, but as some extra support, I’m also sharing this guide: Business Owner’s Content Checklist [20 questions about content every business owner owner should be able to answer]. Yes, I know, there are more questions, but that’s how we cultivate our thinking and creativity muscles. Let’s unleash the conscious creator and the purpose inside you.

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